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Arc8 League | Get Ready for A Sold-Out Season

In the beginning, there were 555 Arc8 League Passes. Five hours later, there were none!

Against all odds–and in a supposedly stagnant market–the incredible communities of Arc8, Animoca Brands, Planet IX, BoomLand, Polygon Gaming and the Mocaverse demonstrated their unwavering passion for web3 gaming and snapped up every last pass!

With all 555 Arc8 League Passes now safely tucked away in wallets, let’s take a look at the mechanics of the Arc8 League, plus all the rewards on offer in Season 0 and what you need to do to claim them.

🛠 Mechanics

To take part in Arc8 League Season 0 (July 11-August 11), new players with an Arc8 League Pass in their wallet should connect and pair their wallet on If your wallet is already paired with Arc8, you can skip this part.

The Pass will appear in your Inventory in the Arc8 app closer to the start of Season 0, and the Arc8 League will appear in the app when it launches on July 11.

As soon as you’ve connected and paired your wallet, you’re good to go! When Season 0 starts, use your Energy to play competitive Streak matches in Arc8 and you’ll be rising up the ranks in no time. As well as playing in the Arc8 League, you will continue to play in a regular league at the same time. This allows you to still claim standard Arc8 rewards like Coins, Gems, Energy and Luck, and also means that you will be playing all your matches against players in your regular league.

Every day, you’ll be randomly assigned to a group of fellow Arc8 League players (max. 100 people) in a Daily Round, and your mission is to finish in the top 10% of that group. Do that, and you’ll get your token rewards, which vary daily between GMEE, MATIC and USDT, though the value is always the same.

Keep track of the Arc8 League leaderboards on!

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